Playwrights Unit History

Many of the plays that have graced Tarragon’s stages in recent years began in the Playwrights Unit, and enjoyed their first presentation during Tarragon’s annual Play Reading Week. They include Liquor Guns Karate by Morwyn Brebner, Kingfisher Days and Alice’s Affair by Susan Coyne, Alias Godot by Brendan Gall,House of Many Tongues by Jonathan Garfinkel, Plan B by Michael Healey,A Brimful of Asha by Asha and Ravi Jain, Léo by Rosa Laborde, East of Berlin by Hannah Moscovitch,carried away on the crest of a wave by David Yee and word.sound.powah by d'bi young.

See below for a complete list of the many remarkable plays and playwrights of past Playwrights Units.

TP play produced at Tarragon
P play produced elsewhere


  • Marie Beath Badian: The Good Work of Armando the Apostle
  • Amy Lee Lavoie: Memento Mori
  • Jordi Mand:The Colts
  • Marilo Nuñez: El Retorno/I Return
  • Adam Paolozza
  • Gord Rand: Icarus Flails


  • Ines Buchli: Skin to Skin
  • Matthew MacKenzie: Benefit
  • Jordan Tannahill: Late Company


  • Marie Beath Badian: The Good Work of Armando The Apostle
  • Leanna Brodie: The Angel's Cradle
  • Jason Maghanoy: Hangman
  • Haley McGee: Everyday Neurotics
  • Bobby Theodore: Swallow
  • Evan Tsitsias: Aftershock


  • Anna Chatterton: Within the Glass
  • Andrew Kushnir: Wormwood
  • Asha Jain: A Brimful of Asha (co-written with Ravi Jain)TP
  • Ravi Jain: A Brimful of Asha (co-written with Asha Jain)TP
  • Deborah Pearson: The Great Asker
  • d'bi.young: word! sound! powah!TP


  • Nicolas Billon: Smuggling Buddha
  • Aaron Bushkowsky: Bethlehem
  • Anna Chatterton: Within the Glass
  • Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt: Spine
  • Jane Maggs: Incendiaries
  • David Yee: carried away on the crest of a waveTP


  • Kate Cayley: After Akhmatova (formerly Ashes)TP
  • Paul Dunn: Dalton and Company
  • Catherine Hayos: Shiksas Sit Shiva (co-written with Melinda Little)
  • Daniel Karasik: The Innocents
  • Tessa King: Buried
  • Melinda Little: Shiksas Sit Shiva (co-written with Catherine Hayos)
  • Thelon Oeming: The Residents


  • Salvatore Antonio: The Coronation of Medusa Regina
  • Kate Hewlett: The Swearing JarP
  • John Lazarus: My Next Guest
  • Edwige Jean-Pierre: Saint Bitch
  • Joseph Jomo Pierre: Shakepeare’s Nigga
  • Erin Shields: A New Nation


  • Tara Beagan: As Bad As I Am
  • Brendan Gall: Alias Godot TP
  • Jonathan Garfinkel: House of Many Tongues TP
  • Hannah Moscovitch: East of Berlin TP
  • Greg Nelson: The Fall TP
  • Beatriz Pizano: CommunionP


  • Alan Dilworth: The Unforgetting
  • David Egan: Love Songs From Unlikely Places
  • Briony Glassco: Rescue Me
  • Anita Majumdar: Dave-Das
  • Soheil Parsa: HallajP
  • Richard Sanger: Vavilov


  • Kate Hennig: More
  • Rosa Laborde: Léo TP
  • David Macfarlane: Fishwrap TP
  • Rick Roberts: Ladies in Waiting
  • Nicole Stamp: Ten Things
  • Jennifer Tarver: Dream Play


  • Daryl Cloran: The Believer Project
  • Susan Coyne: Alice’s Affair TP
  • Fabrizio Filippo: Project Benny
  • Adam Nashman: The Exhibitionists
  • Teresa Pavlinek: Made You Look
  • Alex Poch-Goldin: Cringeworthy P / The Gospel According to Jude


  • Susan Coyne: Kingfisher Days TP / Untitled
  • Matthew Edison: Grimsby / Untitled / George and Margaret
  • Mike McPhaden: The Three Christs of Ypsilani
  • Sonja Mills: Margaret Gross
  • Anton Piatigorsky: The Fireplace
  • Emma C. Roberts: Excellence, Ontario P
  • Paula Wing: Virgil / Number One & Jamie P


  • Carol Anderson: Black Eyed Peas and Fleur-de-Lys
  • Mark Brownell: Medici Slot Machine P
  • Leah Davidson: Riot / Moonprince
  • Richard Greenblatt: Red Diaper Babies
  • A. Shay Hahn: One Bottle of Brandy
  • Adam Pettle: Sunday Father P / Tough Jews
  • Teresa Pavlinek: Made You Look

2000 Playwrights II Comprised of previous PU members

  • André Alexis: Easter
  • Chris Earle: Russell Hill TP
  • Diane Flacks: Dinah’s Walk
  • Ken Garnhum: Helen Herring
  • Michael Healey: Plan B TP
  • Deborah Kimmett: Guarded
  • Michael MacLean: Greenland P


  • Maja Ardal: Midnight Sun TP
  • Samantha Wright: Static P
  • Sylvija Jestrovic: Happiness Channel P
  • Ivana Shein: The Right Kind of Lover
  • Philippa Domville: Selkie Story P
  • Kate Lynch: Blonde Assassins P
  • Colleen Wagner: Jabberwalkie


  • Shirley Barrie: Two Tonic P
  • Michael Healey: Kreskinned (co-written with Kate Lynch)TP
  • David Huband: The Big Victim
  • Kate Lynch: Kreskinned (co-written with Michael Healey)TP
  • Michael Maclean: Greenland P
  • Charles Picco: The Pirate Season P


  • Morwyn Brebner: Liquor Guns Karate TP
  • David Cope: Blood in the Car
  • Florence Gibson: Belle P
  • Brenda McFarlane: Bill Stone is Dead
  • Jonathan Wilson: Kilt TP


  • Drew Carnwath: Untitled
  • Marion deVries: Displaced Persons
  • Ken Jessome: After the Thirsty Duck
  • Betty Quan: Waiting for Mao
  • David Rubinoff: Untitled
  • Richard Sanger: Two Words for Snow P


  • Andrew Akman: Kugelman’s Grab
  • David Bateman: Art is so Beautiful, Life is so Ugly P
  • Sabina Fella: Fed by the Fairies P
  • Anne Holloway: The Whore Van from Hell
  • M.J. Kang: Blessings TP
  • Lisa Walter: The Perfect One


  • Adam Barken: Untitled
  • Karen Hines: Boom P
  • Geoff Kavanagh: The Water Crawlers P
  • John P. Moore: A Child’s Dream of Flight
  • Maureen Paxton: One B-Movie & Five Cartoons
  • Toby Rodin: The Slow Eviction of Ruby Rosenholtz P


  • Chris Earle: Why Chromosome
  • Diane Flacks: Gravity Calling TP
  • David Gow: Farthing Family Fortune P
  • Andrew Kelm: Sexual Healing P
  • Alisa Palmer: Wearing the Bone P
  • Helen Porter: The Life & Times of Renee Babcock


  • Todd Hammond: 1212 P
  • Kate Miles: Litany Underground P
  • Michael Redhill: Song of Matthew
  • Jason Sherman: Three in the Back, Two in the Head TP
  • Mary Lou Fallis: Untitled
  • Rona Waddington: Earhart P


  • Marsha Barber: Circus of Wonders
  • Laurie Fyffe: The Paradise Express TP
  • Deborah Kimmett: Miracle Mother TP
  • Mark Krause: Reel Fish P
  • Carol Sinclair: Brownie From Hell P
  • Richard van Dusen: Hot Pigs P


  • Michael Achtman: Lot’s Wife
  • André Alexis: Night
  • Beth Herst: A Woman’s Comedy TP
  • Mark McKinney: Untitled
  • James O’Reilly: Tabula Rose / Work P
  • Sandy Senko: Untitled
  • Sue LePage -- associate artist of the 1989-90 Playwrights Unit


  • Dave Carley: Sanctuary
  • Mary Hawkins: Tangle
  • Mary Ellen Mahoney: Dreamland Comin’ On
  • Tom McCamus: The Death of Eddie Einstein
  • Bruce McCulloch: The Dog P
  • James Polk: Famous
  • Jim Warren: The Man with the Oblong Eyes


  • David Burgess: The Great One P
  • Lloy Coutts: Simulacra
  • Ken Garnhum: Beuys, Buoys, Boys TP
  • Ken Keobke: Sacrifice
  • Daniel MacIvor: Somewhere I Have Never Travelled TP
  • Kim Renders: The Murder Play
  • Maristella Roca: White Cow in Heat & Invasions
  • David Sereda: Unititled


  • Micahel Connolly: Bad Weather P
  • Nigel Hunt: Corners
  • Pat Langner: Holeshot Dreams P
  • Joan MacLeod: Jewel TP / Toronto, Mississippi TP
  • Colleen Murphy: All Other Destinations Are Cancelled TP


  • Audrey Butler: Black Friday P
  • Sharry Corman: Say Zebra P
  • Michael Devine: Restless & Starlost
  • Gene Gray: Unexpected Moves TP
  • John Mighton: Scientific Americans P
  • Kevin Teichroeb: Turtle Jazz P


  • Robyn Butt: Ghosthouse Blues P
  • David Demchuk: Great Canadian Women P
  • John Gregory: Camaro P
  • Don Hannah: Rubber Dolly TP / The Wedding Script TP
  • Ian McAndrew: I’ll Go Where Hugo P
  • Carolyn Nalberg: War Bride
  • Helen Weinzweig: A Classical Education


  • Myra Fried: Shower
  • Caitlin Hicks: Six Palm Tree P
  • Donald Munro: Double Exposure P
  • Jeff Rounds: The Milkman at the Door
  • Jeff Siamon: Chucky French P / Wolfie
  • Richard Zelniker: Scorched


  • Jeff Cohen: Avodan
  • Wilson Coneybears: All Together Now
  • Paul Milliken: Still Here / Expression of Freedom P
  • Mark Strong: Going to the Castle
  • Kathleen Turner: Learn by Heart
  • Janice Wiseman: Gingerbread House


  • Randy Brown: Precipitation
  • Atom Egoyan: Dispatches
  • Brad Fraser: Chainsaw Love P
  • Robin Fulford: Kangaroo
  • John Krizanc: Prague TP
  • Shawn Selway: Untitled