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Welcome to the Lobby Gallery

Season 2023 / 2024

Our lobby gallery features artworks from emerging and established artists from Toronto and beyond.

Withrow Park


Ken is an award -winning set designer across both Canada and the United States.

His design credits for the Tarragon Theatre alone include:

7 Stories, Vigil, The Dishwashers, Lawrence & Holloman, The Ends of the Earth, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl, Earshot, Benevolence, Sextet, The Amorous Adventures of Anatol, Pal Joey, 2000,  Paint Me This House of Love, Marry Me a Little, and White Biting Dog.

These drawings were all done on the iPad … they were all done for fun, they are all from the imagination, they are all for sale at $140 /ea.  …signed and framed.

(It is a limited edition set but some extras are available.)


A Poem for Rabia

The Last Epistle of Tightrope Time

Hana Hozhabr Pour

Resilient Bubbles

Watercolour on paper

11.5 x16.5 Inch

$ 400

Moments of Life

Watercolour, and collage of metal on paper

11.5x 16.5 Inch,


Fragmented Map of Memories

Acrylic and water colour on canvas

16×20 Inch


Elevation of Dreams

Acrylic, watercolour, collage on paper

11.5x 16.5 Inch


Hana Hozhabr Pour is a visual artist exploring diaspora feminism, based on Toronto, Canada. Hana Hozhabr Pour creates captivating mixed media paintings that delve into the intersection of diaspora feminism and marginalization. Her art has been featured in solo and group exhibitions across North America and Middle East. Join her on a journey of exploration and empowerment through her unique creations.

A Salient Symphony of the Unseen

Admits the pandemic’s quietude, when our sense of aliveness and embodiment seemed distant without genuine connections, I turned to watercolours on paper. Entranced by the transformative power of colour, I sought to capture the subtle, hidden elements of our world, those often overlooked. Through my art I gave voice to the silent emotions and thoughts within bridging the gap left by the absence of visible social bonds. This technique, born of fluidity within structure, was both deliberate and intuitive, offering solace in our shared human experience.

Instagram: @hanahozhabr


Ciphered Essence

Acrylic and pencil on canvas

11.5X 16.5 Inch


Virtual Dreams

Acrylic and pencil on canvas

16x 20 Inch


Saving tools

Water colour and acrylic marker on paper

11.5X 16.5 Inch


Seoyoung Yoon

Archive (I), 2023

Oil pastel, conté, acrylic, transparent gesso on Canvas

50.2 x 25.7 inches


Archive (II), 2023

Oil pastel, conté, acrylic, transparent gesso on Canvas

56 x 24.6 inches


Seoyoung Yoon is a Korean visual artist and a painter based in Toronto (Canada) and Seoul (Korea). She has a bachelor’s degree in fine art from OCAD University in Toronto. She mostly uses conté, oil pastel, and uses other various mediums as a means of documenting how she feels as she’s painting, using symbolism as a way to self reflect. Through abstract forms she examines her personal identity and explores defects in human nature.

Her work has appeared in exhibitions at the Ada Slaight Gallery in Toronto, Canada (2023), Villa Hamilton Gallery in Seoul, Korea (2022), Holy Art Gallery in London, England (2022), Ada Slaight Gallery in Toronto, Canada (2019), and Onsite Gallery in Toronto, Canada (2019). Her artworks have been published by commission for the book cover (2021) and the Album cover (2017) in Seoul, South Korea.

Instagram : @fantasticdissonance


Archive (I) / (II)

Compiling abstract records of emotions is crucial for documenting and preserving past experiences and coping mechanisms. Emotions are shaped by childhood experiences and interconnected by past situations. In this painting series, I used layering techniques with transparent gesso to capture the complexity of emotions, physically reflecting their interconnectedness.

My art practice starts with a conflict experience and focuses on exploring the flaws of individual identity and human nature. Here, conflicts can be the moment I feel a lack of emotion such as love or anger, the moment when your values with others do not match. I shifted my focus to everyday, abstract paintings and used symbolic forms to capture emotions at certain moments to induce self-reflection. Maintaining emotions is important to me, it references them later and makes me remember how I handled them. Our emotions and behaviors are all connected and rooted in situations that we have learned and become familiar with since childhood. Layering techniques are physically consistent with the belief that emotions are connected and influenced by past experiences.

We are all born into the world and go through the continuous process of self-development, and each experience is based on previous experiences. Using this concept, I create a self-documenting task, capturing the complexity of emotions and the association with past experiences.

Sylvia Frey

Formed of Fun


12″ x 16″


Sylvia Frey is a Toronto based artist working in acrylic and oil. Her work is inspired by ideas that humanity holds of themselves, often revealing our shared passions, our foibles and our desires.  Combining these into artwork and painting “Formed of Fun” tackles our needs to be determined and also to be free.