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1977 - 1978

They Club Seals, Don’t They?

March 01 – March 06, 1978

They Club Seals, Don’t They?
Written by The Mummers Troupe
Directed by Chris Brooke
Produced by The Mummers Troupe of Newfoundland; presented by Tarragon.
by The Mummers Troupe
directed by Chris Brookes
starring: Pierre Beaupre, Donna Butt, Rhonda Payne, Jeff Pitcher, Terry Rielly, David Ross, Glenn Tilley
production design: Mavis Penney
original music: Terry Rielly, Glenn Tilley
stage manager: Derek Butt

March 1 – 6, 1978

Cast and Crew
Director – Chris Brookes
Writer – The Mummers Troupe