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In Memoriam - David Fox

The Tarragon staff and Board are heartbroken to hear of the passing of David Fox. David was a fixture at Tarragon with multiple roles here over the years.

Most recently David played Tyndareus in our online live-streamed production of Orestes. Prior to that, David joined us in productions of Scorched, An Enemy of the People, No Great Mischief, The Golden Dragon, Forests, If We Were Birds, Wild Mouth, and Chimera.

David was also instrumental in developing multiple shows through workshops at Tarragon. His kind and generous spirit was always welcoming.

Upon hearing the news, Tarragon Theatre Artistic Director Mike Payette said “We are deeply saddened by the news of Mr. Fox’s passing, and we wish his family the time to find comfort while remembering his treasured presence. On behalf of his Tarragon family, we are so fortunate to have been a part of his journey, and so we celebrate his legacy with the theatre and his undeniable contribution to Canadian arts on and off the stage.”

And, former Artistic Director and multiple time collaborator with David, Richard Rose wrote “David Fox was an acting “Force of Nature.” As his long-time friend and actor Terry Tweed says he was “at once, generous and fearless.” To inspire new actors, I would tell them of his brilliance at imagining a character and playing their dynamism at full force until the very last moment whether in performance or a cold reading of a play. Like a fire burning bright, David was a master of improvisation in mind, soul and body. I believe that was most manifest when David performed people who lived by physical labour: the farmer, the fisher, the sealer, the miner, the hospital orderly, or the janitor. To David it was his honour to represent them, a duty to elevate their recognition in our society and he rendered their humanity, not so much as a character but as a tribute.”

From all of us at Tarragon Theatre, rest well David, we miss you already.